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League Rules

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League Rules

Post  CZuber on Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:09 am

You can get your own copy of the league rules by visiting the website league page here >>>

Disc Golf League Rules


League play will take place on Thursdays @ 5:30 pm (unless otherwise notified) and will run 12 weeks. All starts will be in shotgun format and will begin PROMPTLY at 5:30 pm. Players should arrive 15 minutes early so play can begin on time.

1. COST - $30 Players must be paid in full by week #3. $3.00 per person will go to the Ace Eagle Disc Golf Club to help offset tournament and course update costs.

2. PAYOUTS – All cash will be awarded at the end of the league session.
Weekly: The top 45% of the field will receive cash in weeks 3-12. The amount of payout will depend on the number of players that are registered for league. $2.10 per person goes toward weekly payouts each week ($21 total).
Final: The top 45% of the field will receive cash based on their overall performance during the league. $6.00 per person goes toward the final payout at the end of the league. The payout amounts will depend on the number of players registered for league.


1. Players are ranked each session based on their adjusted scores (actual score minus handicap). If any players are tied, the players will split the prize money for the places that they tied.
2. Final league standings will be determined by averaging each person’s weekly finishing place. If a player or players do not play for a given week they are automatically given a last place finish for the week. For instance, if there are 15 people in the league and three people do not show up for a given week, all three of those players will take a 15th place finish for the week. Final averages for the league will drop the worst two places so each player is allowed 2 absences without penalty, however, if a player does not miss any weeks, then their worst 2 finishes are still thrown out so participation is important.


1. Handicaps are based on an average of a player’s lowest scores from previous rounds played. The handicaps will be adjusted to a scratch scoring average of 50 for the course. The number of scores used for calculating a player’s handicap will depend on the number of league rounds that player has played. In order to be eligible to compete for cash in weeks 3-12, a player must have participated in two league rounds. Below is a table that shows the number of scores that will be included in a person’s handicap based on number of rounds played. Remember, only the lowest scores will be used for calculating a handicap.

Number of Rounds Played---------------------------Number of scores used for HDCP (lowest rounds only)

4 – 5 -----------------------------------------------------------------------2
6 – 7------------------------------------------------------------------------3
8 – 9------------------------------------------------------------------------4
10 – 11----------------------------------------------------------------------5

The number of rounds used for a player based on the table above will be averaged and then subtracted from 50 (Scratch Score Average). That number will then be multiplied by 0.9 (stroke gap used in handicapping) to obtain the player's handicap for the next week.


1. Read Everything. Ask questions if something is unclear.
2. Know the playing rules. This will help the game run smoothly. More experienced players please help beginners with rules and disc golf etiquette.
3. You are responsible for your conduct. Abusive language, litter, and other irresponsible acts will not be tolerated.
4. Any schedule information, changes, or other league information will be posted on the club website discussion board. The website address is listed at the top of this document.


1. Please check the club website to verify whether games are on as scheduled. Should weather conditions change; a decision will be made on site.
2. League play will not be cancelled easily. Participants should report to the course if the website has not cancelled games.
3. If during league play weather warning sirens sound or there is lightning, STOP PLAY IMMEDIATELY! All play for that day ceases and no scores will be recorded.


1. There will be no make-up rounds allowed.
2. If league has to be rescheduled due to weather, players will be informed what day/time the round will be played.


1. Participants are required to bring their own discs.


1. Be aware that there are inherent risks to participating in an outdoor activity. The Ace Eagles Disc Golf Club does not provide insurance for the participants of our league. Each participant as a result of participating in the league assumes all liability and risk of injury.


1. PDGA rules will be played in addition to the following course rules for OB and mandatory shots.
a) If a player’s disc lands in a creek, the player may play the next shot up to 15 feet behind the edge of the creek (further away from the hole) without penalty.
b) Discs landing on any road from any hole are OB. The next shot shall be played within 1 meter from the road where the disc went OB with a stroke penalty. EXAMPLE: Your drive lands over the road on #10. Your next shot shall be played from no more than 1-meter left of the road from the spot where the disc crossed over the road. Your drive counts as 1 stroke plus 1 penalty stroke so this will be your third shot.
c) Please be courteous to pedestrians or cars that may be obstructing play. This is a public park and everyone has a right to be there. Kindly ask and wait for them to clear the way before playing on.
d) Hole #1 – Discs landing on or over the road on the left or right of the hole are OB
e) Hole #3 – On or over the road left or right of the hole OB
f) Hole #5 – Mandatory Shot: Drives must cross between the two trees marked with arrows. If the drive crosses outside of the mandatory trees, the player will re-tee from the alternate tee box with a penalty stroke.
Hole #5 – On or over the road right and behind hole OB
g) Hole #8 – Mandatory Shot: Drives must cross to the left of the tree marked with an arrow. If drive goes right of the mandatory tee, the player will play their next shot from a spot left of the mandatory tree and no closer to the hole with a penalty stroke.
h) Hole #10 – On or over the road to the right of the hole OB
i) Hole #12 – On or over the road to the right of the hole OB
j) Hole #13 – On or over the road to the right of the hole OB
k) Hole #14 – Anywhere outside of the “island” (area surrounded by road containing the basket) is OB. If a drive goes OB, the player will re-tee from the alternate tee with a stroke penalty. The player will continue to throw from the alternate tee until the disc lands safely within the island. Stroke penalties will be added to each shot that lands OB. EXCEPTION: If the drive or any shot from the alternate tee touches the island and then goes OB (i.e. hits a tree in the island or skips off the ground in the island), the player will play the next shot inside the island no more than 1-meter from the road where the disc went OB with a stroke penalty.
l) Hole #15 – On or over the road to the right of the hole OB
m) Hole #16 – On or over the road to the left of the hole OB
Hole #16 – Over the fence to the right of the hole OB
n) Hole #18 – On or over the road to the right of the hole OB

2. (Avoid Slow Play) Special note of PDGA rule 801.03 Excessive Time
a) A maximum of 30 seconds is allowed to each player to make a throw after:
i. The previous player has thrown; and,
ii. The player has taken a reasonable time to arrive at the disc and mark the lie; and,
iii. The playing area is clear and free of distractions.

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