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Packseat Portable Stool

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Packseat Portable Stool

Post  Safari Greg on Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:48 am

The packseat is a portable stool that is truly designed for the avid camper and hiker in mind. It is completely collapsable which lends itself to maximum portability. I received mine in a trade for a disc and it was used fairly heavily before I got it. Purchased brand new they run about $20. As far as general use it has done a decent job for me.

The initial design of the stool is very simple, a three leg design with a single fixed point. The legs actually pull apart just below the fix point to decrease the actual height of the stool nearly in half when being collapsed for storage or extended carrying. The top material is a synthetic material that is fairly durable. In the 4-5 months that I have been using mine there has been minimal change in wear on the top seat. The seat itself sits higher that a Camp Time stool and is much smaller in surface area. For sitting on this poses no problem, but if trying to keep your bag off the ground and dry I found that it was more work for me to continually try to keep it balanced on the considerably small seat.

During general use there was no complication with the stool; it unfolds easily. Sitting on it isnt that hard, you just have to find an orientation that is comfortable for you. There is a flaw in the design in my mind that really takes away from the value of the stool. Since the seating area is smaller than other brands, the legs don't actaully spread out as far as other brands. This creates a balance and pressure issue. There is some minimal balancing required with this stool as it has a very narrow base. The real problem though is in the pressure it creates. Unless you are on solid ground that hasn't been saturated recently the stool very often sinks into the mud/soil 4"-5" which gets very frustrating when others around you are not. I completely attribute this to an almost directly vertical force from the design where other stools use an angular force.

My final verdict, if you are looking for a stool that will be able to used for long hikes and camping this is probably a great stool for you that can also double as a Disc Golf stool. If you are purely looking for something to give you a break from standing when playing Disc Golf; spend the $35 it roughly costs for a Camp Time stool that you can find through Huk Lab and other various retailers. It is a much better stool for the game and you won't have anything to complain about.

Safari Greg
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